Vivo X60 Great Mobile Phones At Low Prices


As far as the digital cameras are concerned, the Vivo X60 has got a triple lens setup by which it can take the best images. The main camera is at the front with a color filter and a monochrome sensor. The other two lenses have got a very large pixel sensors to give the best results. The image stabilization system is also present which helps in taking clear and crisp images. You can also buy the Vivo X60 online which helps you to save your time and efforts.

The high definition videos are good when made at appropriate modes. The 3 megapixel front camera can be great for taking still shots. When you are in the process of taking a video, the motorized zoom button helps you in getting clear and good pictures. The Vivo X60 features a triple camera set up by which it can take the best videos. The main camera has a color filter as well as a monochrome sensor. The other two lenses have got a large pixel sensors to give the best results. vivo x60

The Vivo X60 has got a quadrant that supports a huge memory of 1GB. It also has got a powerful 1 GHz processor along with the Adreno sub processor. It comes with a nice big battery that gives you around eight hours of real time usage. The phone comes with a nice large battery which is of around six hundred milliamp hours capacity. The vivo x60’s memory is more than double that of the qualcomm snapdragon 870’s.

The photographic performance of the vivo x60 is excellent and it has got a nice large screen size of 5.5 inches. The screen has also got a vivid colour reproduction system that you will love. The camera is available in various models and it is interesting to see the various models available. The photographic performances all have been fine tuned and are all excellent. You can have an excellent picture clarity with the help of this excellent portrait mode which the vivo x60 has got.

The charging system of the vivo x60 pro is also very impressive and it has got a fast charge time. This allows you to get more number of pictures loaded into the memory and you will not face any problems regarding the slow charging. You also get some additional features like an alarm clock and notification light. The Vivo phones also support wireless connectivity and Bluetooth along with the data cable to allow the easy connection to social networking sites like facebook.

The connectivity options that are available in the Vivo X60 Pro are really excellent. The GSM network support and EDGE network support are present in this smartphone along with the various international calls and data transfers that are possible. The battery life of these mobiles lasts for the whole day till the end and this is something that you will surely like. The battery life has got improved with the latest firmware versions. The handset runs on the Android platform and it has the complete set of tools that you would find in high end smartphones.