Galaxy A12 Month Old Product, Still a Grand Design


Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with an impressive camera built in the phone. This high performance mobile has a really slim design and is extremely convenient to carry. It is packed with features that you will find very useful for a daily driver. The internal memory of this mobile is expandable and it offers you 2 GB worth of space to add more applications. To help you multitask and enjoy a great gaming experience, Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with a powerful octa-core Helio P Series chipset. It’s assisted with a powerful octa-core processors, which is aided by a Adreno HD heartbeat sensor. Galaxy A12

Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with a mediaTek Helio P series chipset. It’s assisted with octa-core Helio P Series along with the standard-sized PowerVR series. To make sure smooth multitasking and long-lasting battery, Samsung has placed a generous 4GB of ram memory in this phone. This allows your application to run smoothly without any hindrances due to slow speed of the CPU.

With a long-lasting battery, this handset proves to be a good choice. You can use this device comfortably for hours at a stretch without having to worry about the life of the battery. When the battery of the Samsung Galaxy A12 goes flat, you can easily charge it back up through the USB port of your device. The large battery helps you enjoy a long gaming session or doing multiple tasks simultaneously. It allows you to enjoy your multimedia content for hours on end.

Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with a five mega pixels screen size. This gives it an edge over its competitors as the resolution of its image is much higher than the competition. The high-end technology employed in Samsung phones helps it to deliver sharp images and videos. The large display also helps to minimize the chances of eye strain and helps you enjoy watching videos and photos in clear quality.

Android operating system based on Jellybean increases the memory capacity of this device to a great extent. This helps you to store more information in the memory and increase the speed performance of your device. The memory of the Samsung Galaxy A12 allows you to browse internet sites faster and enjoy your movies and videos with high quality. Apart from this, the octa-core Helio P series processor works effectively in boosting the speed performance of your device along with the additional RAM. The Samsung Galaxy A12 offers you a remarkable blend of hardware and software that makes it one of the most impressive mobile devices available in the market today.

In this review, we will give you a Samsung Galaxy A12 review that describes the hardware of this smartphone along with describing how well it works in terms of battery life. In case, if you are looking for a device that offers a great deal of power coupled with great image and video quality, then the Samsung Galaxy A12 should be your perfect choice. There are various versions of these handsets and all of them have different features. You can buy either the SGH iPerformance or the Exyn unit depending upon your need and budget. If you follow our a Samsung Galaxy A12 review and find it convincing, then you can go ahead and buy one of these powerful and efficient handsets for yourself.